Valerie Braun (IGF, ÖAW), Martin Coy (University of Innsbruck) and Günter Köck (ÖAW)


Editorial Board

Serena Arduino (CIPRA International)
Carole Birck (Asters Conservatoire d'espaces naturels Haute-Savoie, France)
Massimo Bocca (Parco Regionale Mont Avic, Italy)
Cédric Dentant (Parc National des Écrins, France)
Leopold Füreder (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Matej Gabrovec (Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Slovenia)
Guido Plassmann (Task Force Protected Areas AC / ALPARC)
Roland Psenner (Eurac Research, Italy)
Herbert Wölger (National Park Gesäuse, Austria)

Task of the Editorial Board
  • To suggest external reviewers for new articles;
  • to do the internal review of one too two articles per year;
  • to propose possible authors and topics for eco.mont or actively promote eco.mont for publication if possible;
  • to attend to one meeting per year or every second year. If possible the meeting takes place at a conference;
  • to make eco.mont visible.

Senior consultant

Kristina Bauch
Axel Borsdorf
Thomas Scheurer
Bernd Stöcklein
Astrid Wallner


The International Scientific Committee of Research in the Alps (ISCAR) and the Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC) joined in 2006 by establishing a common working group called ISCAR-P which is made up of scientists and professionals working in, with or for protected areas from all Alpine countries. ISCAR-P is supporting research activities by cooperating in the organization of the Symposium for Research in Protected Areas (Kaprun in 2009, Mittersill in 2013 and Salzburg in 2017). Additionally ISCAR-P delegates editorial board members to the journal eco.mont.

ISCAR-P and the Editorial Board of eco.mont are coordinated by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, with the support of ISCAR and ALPARC.

Chair: Günter Köck
Co-chair: Valerie Braun